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Roll To Roll Lamination Machine

With the expertise of our skilled professionals, we are engaged in offering LM Roll To Roll - Hot & Cold lamination machines. These are used for laminating plans, designs, blue prints, charts and mark sheets. The range is easy to operate and ensures smooth lamination of the desired products Robust construction

  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Resistance against abrasion

Size Available Model :

  • HLM 12R
  • HLM 18R
  • HLM 27R
  • HLM 31R
  • HLM 40R
Max. Laminating Width
1016 mm(40”)
Max. Laminating Thickness
32-150 mic
Number of Rollers
4 Silicon
Max. Operating Temperature
Laminating film
2 MM Thickness
Speed of the Lamination
1.5 mtr/min
Net Weight
80 Kg Approx
Size Available/inch

Features: - We can use this machine for maps, charts, drawing, arts paper, hand made paper industry.

60 " Lamination Machine With Rewinding

60 " Lamination Machine With Rewinding in Delhi

60" documants and film rewainding lamination machine.

Lamination Rolls & Cut Pouch

Lamination Rolls & Cut Pouch in Delhi

Lamination Rolls & Cut Pouch

BOPP Thermal lamination films: The composition of the film is BOPP+EVA glue, it is used for the cover of books, cards, magazine

BOPP Thermal Lamination Films (Gloss &Matt), Hot laminating film, BOPP thermal laminating film


Glossy: 25mic=12mic BOPP film +13mic glue
27mic=15mic BOPP film+12mic glue
30mic=18mic BOPP film+12mic glue
Matte 23mic=15mic BOPP+8mic glue
27mic=15mic BOPP+12mic glue
30mic=18mic BOPP+12mic glue
Width: 360, 390, 440, 540, 590, 780, 880, 1, 080, 1, 320, 1, 400, 1520 (with 3mm tolerance)
Connector Less than 2
Length 100m - 3, 000m with 10% tolerance
Paper core 1 inch (25.4mm), 2 inch (50.8mm), 3 inch (76mm)


  • Coating on books and magazines, catalogs, pictures, promotional materials; Non-drying adhesive, paper bag, clothes lag,
  • Blueprint document, outdoor advertisement, spray paintings, post, digital print
  • Wedding photograph, photo album
  • Outside coating for wrapping box for food, medicine, cosmetic, gift, liquor, etc

Process parameter:

  • Equipment for laminating film: Dry and wet laminating film machine
  • Temperature: Normal: 85~100° C; Special: 100~110° C
  • Roller pressure: 8~15MPa
  • Speed: 8~25m/min
  • Remarks: Special laminations are those with thicker ink, solid color, high moisture content and bigger size paper


Rolling package(Upside and downside round plastic cover, outside board); Paper box (export specification), in pallet


The product should be stored in a dry, well ventilated warehouse. To avoid direct sunlight, the product should not be stored in the open air.

TLM 14R, TLM 18R, Digital Print Lamination Machine

TLM 14R, TLM 18R, Digital Print Lamination Machine in Delhi

Product Description

These models are particularly designed for professional usage in school, office, copy center, graphic printing shop, and so on. These models are suitable for photos, pictures, documents, inkjets, prints, posters, etc. The total working range is from 320mm to 1050mm.

Features about Roll Laminator: 

  • 8-bit microprocessor control system;
  • Hot roll technology;
  • Hot and cold laminating for different need;
  • Digital display system;
  • Adjustable motor speed according to different material; Adjustable temperature control for various film thickness and different material;
  • Reverse button removing jammed films;
  • Tension control on film mandrel;
  • Metallic construction for durability. 

3 Models available: 

Model laminating width laminating thickness rollers temperature 
  • GBT-TLM 14R 330mm 5mm
  • GBT-TLM 25R 635mm 5mm
  • GBT-TLM 43R 1050mm 5mm 

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